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Cookies Policy

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and achieve optimal operation, proper navigation, connection and navigate in its pages. Cookies allow you to enjoy some features (such as storage of items in the cart), use the share function in social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as customize messages and be able to watch advertisements according to your interests (both in our and other websites). They also help us understand how our website is being used.

You can learn more about cookies and how we use them below. For more information regarding the processing of your personal data from “ICONOTECHNIKI SA”, please read the Privacy Policy.



Cookies are small text files containing information stored in your computer's web browser and can be removed at any time. They can help us to recognize your computer next time you will visit our website, or to activate some functions on our web pages. Cookies are classified in the following categories:


• Strictly necessary cookies

• Session cookies

• Targeting / advertising cookies



Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the correct operation of website These are used exclusively for the transmission of communication in an electronic communication network or, to the extent that this is strictly necessary, to a service provider that has explicitly requested the contracting party or the user to provide that service. They are technically necessary for the operation of the website and that is the reason why you may not reject or delete them.



Session cookies are temporarily stored in your computer or your device during a browser session and are deleted when the browser session ends.



Targeting and advertising cookies are used to display content that best suits you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted advertisements/offers, limit the display of advertisements or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Therefore, by choosing these cookies, you can watch targeted advertisements on our website according to your preferences and interests. These advertisements are displayed by third parties, in and outside our website.

Most Internet browsers allow the automatic acceptance of cookies. However, you can change the settings in order to block cookies being sent to your device or to enable receiving only certain categories. Keep in mind that if the navigation or the operational cookies are disabled or removed, not all functions of the website will operate as expected. To manage and disable cookies, follow the instructions provided in the chart below:


• Internet Explorer

• Safari

• Chrome

• Firefox


Web beacons - (also known as "clear GIF" or "tracking pixels") may inform us about things such as: How many people visit our website, whether these are one-time visitors or frequent visitors, and for how long, how much they are persuaded by advertising campaigns on the Internet and other similar website usage data. When used in an e-mail message, web beacons can inform us about the time that the e-mail was opened, if and how many times it was forwarded and which link did users click while in the e-mail message. Based on this information, we can adjust the content, the products, the services and the offers in order to better meet your interests as well as to inform you about products, services and/or special offers which may be of interest to you.


Log Files – are files that record web activity and gather non-personal statistics about your visit or the use of our website. Log Files can help us record, among others: (i) your IP address, which is a unique set of numbers assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider (ISP) (note that, depending on your ISP, your computer may be different every time you connect to the Internet), (ii) the type of browser and operating system you use and (iii) other information about your online visit, such as the URL address through which you reached our website, the date and time of your visit. In addition to using this information to understand better how our website is used, we may use information captured through log files, such as an IP address (along with your personal data) to solve technical problems, maintain security on the Internet and to ban or restrict the access to our online services to certain users.

We reserve the right to change or renew this notice regarding privacy and cookies at any time and all changes we may make in the future will be published on this page. Check regularly to see any possible updates or changes to this notification regarding privacy and cookies. You will find the date of the last update at the top of this page.

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