Fifty (50) photographs and engravings will make up a rare exhibition displaying Mount Athos. "Athos and Lemnos" present and are presented in an exhibition which reveals their relationship, a relationship that lasts for a thousand years.

The photo gallery of the Holy Simonopetra Monastery of Mount Athos and Hotel Varos Village Hotel & Residences, cooperate to present in the multi-purpose venue "Politia" of the hotel in Lemnos, the exhibition which has already been organized in Athens, Thessaloniki, Brussels, Moscow, Belgrade, Beirut, Venice, etc.) and presents people and events of Mount Athos since the early 20th century. The photos are produced mainly from glass plates, the so-called "negatives" that characterize the early phase of the art of photography.

Through the exhibition is also honored the cultural course of Lemnos and its relationship with the community of Athos, highlighting an important aspect of the history of the island. The exhibition will run until September 10, 2019.