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A great church - UNESCO monument opens its doors to the public after decades of "stillness"

The church of Agios Demetrios at Palatitsia, Aigai, Prefecture of Hemathia, the holy city of Macedonia and former ancient capital, is open to the public after decades of silence. Agios Demetrios at Palatitsia has been rebuilt with architectural elements from the royal palace of Philip II at the location of a Byzantine cemetery in the 16th century AD. The church is characterized by its lavish wall paintings and its well-maintained construction which is evidence of the economic prosperity of the region’s inhabitants and the artistic peak of the area during these times. 

The temple, which is designated as a monument by UNESCO, remained closed and deserted for decades, until 2017 when studies regarding its restoration and maintenance were approved. Rich interior decoration, with rare wall paintings, is added to the admirable architectural design of the structure and the refined construction. Half of the wall paintings were created by Nicholaos Zografos and “narrated” the life of Christ and Saint Demetrios, portrayed saints, prophets and martyrs of the Church, the Assumption of the Theotokos and the Platytera of Heaven. The rest of the wall paints, which belong to an unknown artist, depict the Last Judgment while among the figures of the triumphant and victorious stands Alexander the Great. This is a rare presentation of high aesthetics and great historical value.

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