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Agia Sophia: 1,500 Years of History

An excellent production with educational character and an inspired collaboration between the municipality of Igoumenitsa, the Foundation of the Hellenic World and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thesprotia which, with the assistance of unique digital infrastructure, is going to educate those interested in Agia Sophia on this unique religious and historical monument and its 1,500 years of history. 

The interactive virtual reality production entitled "Agia Sophia: 1,500 years of History” was the result of many years of scientific research carried out by special scientists–collaborators of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, who managed in 45 minutes to roll out history and the imprint of this great Church over time to the present day. The architectural design, the decoration, the construction phases indicating the economic, social and historical information regarding the life at the Byzantium during that time, are unfolded in a most exciting way while they keep alive the interest of the spectators who learn, perhaps for the first time: Justinian's vision for the church, AnthemiusandIsidorus, the architects-mathematicians who designed it, the difficulties in mounting the huge dome as well as the events that took place therein. Among them stand out the Ecumenical Council of A.D. 879-880, the election of Patriarch Fotios, the coronation of Michael VIII Palaeologus but also the natural disasters that led to the church's current look.

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