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APOSTOLI supports new entrepreneurs

For the 5th consecutive year, the Archdiocese of Athens through its philanthropic organization “APOSTOLI” and the Center of Volunteer Managers of Greece (KEMEL) implement the “Program to Support Businesses and Associations” which is part of the Give for Greece VI program. According to the program, members of APOSTOLI, KEMEL, and the humanitarian agency International Orthodox Christian Charities - IOCC will mentor 11 new businesses, while APOSTOLI will also donate business equipment to 25 businesses.

A one-day symposium was organized during which KEMEL volunteers analyzed in-depth the ways with which they will contribute to the development of these new businesses. During the symposium, new businesses that have enrolled in the program, presented their field of business, the problems they face and the sectors in which they would need guidance. Each mentor undertakes only one business for five consecutive months and will help in solving the problems that have been set by finding the solutions which will lead to development.

During the materialization of the program, since 2014 to-date, APOSTOLI, in cooperation with IOCC and KEMEL, have offered their support to 84 businesses and associations by donating equipment valued at 1.302.517 Euros.

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