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Byzantine and Christian Museum: An exhibition that revives the civilization of the Cyclades from prehistory up to the post-Βyzantine times

The rescue of the Cyclades monuments includes among the impressive archaeological finds and dozens of works from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period, monuments and artifacts of remarkable historical and artistic value. These artifacts are included, among others, in the exhibition which is organized by the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the French School at Athens and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades. The works which are exhibited present the unique cultural wealth of the Cyclades from the prehistoric years up to the late 19th century with exhibits presented together for the first time, in such a way as to reveal the history of this island complex through "tangible" evidence.

The 3 axes of the exhibition

The exhibition unfolds in three axes - sections: The first section covers the archaeological excavations of the 19th century in Delos and Rhenia, the second one refers to selected finds brought to light by archaeologist Nikolaos Zafiropoulos, in whose memory this exhibition is dedicated, and the third section highlights the identification, the protection and the conservation of major Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments and objects, such as two previously unknown Byzantine icons, detached wall paintings and an icon by El Greco in Byzantine style from Syros.

Duration and information

The exhibition which opened on November 22 will lasts until February 28, 2018 is a unique opportunity to "get to know" the story of the people who lived and created in the Cyclades, through this wonderful reconstitution of their snapshots. Information:

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