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Byzantine icons in digital collections

Greece is interspersed with monasteries and churches decorated with icon paintings of all the periods to the present day. However, the icon for the Orthodox religion symbolizes the means with which the faithful comes into contact with the divine and at the same time, expresses the faith through a great form of art, namely icon painting. 

The icons of the Orthodox faith, from various schools with diverse styles, symbolize different meanings, depending on the position and the pose of the individuals they depict but also the colors and details that complete the composition. The Ministry of Culture has digitized important Orthodox icons, from various historical periods and styles and they are now available on its official website. 

The researcher, the faithful, the student, the artist or anyone who is interested to learn and explore further icons of particular value from different collections, which come primarily from donations, may visit the following link and enter into the world of Byzantine icons that have thus far been digitized. Apart from the icons, the visitor navigates around mosaics, closure slabs, frescoes, sculptures and paintings from Greek museums.
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