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Countless names are used for the Virgin Mary (Panagia)

The names that have been given and accompany the Virgin Mary determine the place that her icon was found, was painted or is kept, the style of the religious painting, her depiction in relation to her Son, the miracle or the Christian tradition related to her religious painting or her connection to natural phenomena or historical events. 

The impressive list of names that accompany the Virgin Mary and their symbolisms demonstrate a further dimension: the emotional relationship of the Virgin Mary with the faithful but also her importance among all the Saints, as the mother of the Savior. It is estimated that over 500 different names have been given to the Virgin Mary from A to Ψ. The first one in alphabetical order is "Aggeloktisti” with a homonymous church at Kiti, Larnaca and the last one is "Panagia Psychossotria” (Savior of the Soul). 

In addition to the names given to the icons of our Lady, in every corner of Greece, majestic churches and small, humble chapels are dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with a plethora of “imaginative” names that always converge to the respect towards the mother of the Son of God, the most revered person after the triune God.
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