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Hope is reborn in Mati

During the Christmas holidays, a family at Mati who was faced and was tested by the deadly fire of July started to dream again by returning to their home which was made once more.

 The Dukulaki family returned to its home which was completely destroyed by the fire, planted new trees in the garden and with the contribution of the non-governmental organization “Apostoli" of the Archdiocese of Athens, managed to lay the foundations of new life and a new beginning.

 The people of the charitable organization "Apostoli" together with their partners from the International Humanitarian Organization International Orthodox Christian Charities (I.O.C.C.) brought great joy and feelings of emotion to this new beginning because they too contributed with special programs to provide essential necessities and living conditions to those affected.

 The I.O.C.C. and "Apostoli" work together for seven years in helping those in need, while for the families affected by the fire at Mati, the International Organization used all its know-how and abilities to achieve a meaningful and measurable result.

 In this also contributed and continue to contribute with all their forces, the organization Leadership 100, the Pancretan Association of America and the Greeks who live in the U.S. who do not stop to offer to their fellow citizens in their homeland.

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