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If you can dream of it, you can accomplish it

With the phrase "If you can dream of it, you can accomplish it” Archimandrite Damascus Kiametes mentioned in his speech his dream which was transformed into thoughts and evolved gradually into a project and a creation. The dream was the contemplation of ravaged by time ecclesiastical treasures which are forgotten and damaged, their restoration and maintenance. The project and the creation is the Showroom of Ecclesiastical Heirlooms "Mother of God, OxiaEpiskepsis” (the Acute Visit), an ultramodern exhibition area located at the square of Makrinitsa village in Pelion, where hundreds of ecclesiastical relics of the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Theotokos at Makrinitsa are exhibited as well as relics from other churches and chapels of the parish. A treasure concerning the ecclesiastical tradition of the place and the country that reveals with an eloquent and tangible way our history, is now available to every visitor who wishes to learn about it and study it. 

The inauguration of the exhibition "Mother of God, OxiaEpiskepsis” was performed by the MetropolitanIgnatius of Demetrias with the presence of representatives of the political and state leadership of the country, local government and many visitors. 

The restoration and conservation of the relics were conducted by scientists, conservators, technical experts, local authorities, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Magnesia, local cultural institutions and with the support of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Demetrias. 

During his speech, fr.Damascinos stressed out that the showroom will act as an "ark of patrimonial treasures for future generations. It will retrieve memories, revive people, will shed light to past times. This is the way that tradition is established and history is continued .... "
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