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Notre Dame. A World Heritage Site


The fire that broke out on Monday, April 15, at Notre Dame, also known as Notre Dame de Paris, touched the heart of every Christian. The Roman Catholic Cathedral Church is a symbol of Paris, one of the most important architectural, historical and religious monuments of the capital of France and of Europe.

The cathedral is located on a small islet on the River Seine. Its foundation stone was laid in the 12th century, in 1163, by Pope Alexander III and Louis VII and the construction was completed two centuries later. However, the biggest part was already delivered to the public in 1196. It is of Gothic style and is considered an edifice of unique inspiration. During the French Revolution and by mid-1840, the cathedral was severely damaged and its restoration, which was considered necessary, was undertaken by the specialist restorer of French medieval buildings Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. In 1991, it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The length of the church is 128 meters and the largest width is 12 meters. It is one of the first Gothic cathedrals which is supported by interior arches.

The guests of the temple, around 13 million a year, really stand fascinated by its architectural beauty, the imposing entrance with its three gates and the impressive rosette above the main gate, the magnificent stained glass windows and the two bell towers that stand out because of their height. Admission is free for all visitors while people with physical disabilities can move freely in two-thirds of the cathedral. All Christians stand by the people of Paris who mourn for the cathedral of their city, a symbol which all Parisians and foreigners, regardless of their religious belief, considered the "house of God".

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