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Onion Cupolas in Landscape

With the imaginative title «Onion Cupolas in Landscape. Orthodox churches and chapels of Estonia», the periodical photographic exhibition of the Embassy of Estonia in the Byzantine and Christian Museum, presents the history of Estonian church architecture and with it the history of Orthodoxy in the country.

Orthodox churches were reconstructed in Estonia after the 11th century when Orthodoxy arrived in the eastern parts of the country, at a time when the western parts were dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. The Russian inhabitants of the country defined the dynamics of Orthodoxy in the eastern regions, with Narva River becoming the natural border between Orthodox and Roman Catholics. In the 19th century, Orthodoxy was formalized by decree and its churches with their characteristic cupolas could be found throughout the entire territory. Imposing, with gilded iconostasis and impressive onion-shaped domes, they are integrated harmoniously into the urban landscape and perhaps more shiny than ever, they have regained their brilliance.

The exhibition will run until June 17 and is supported by the Museum of Estonian Architecture, the Estonian Cultural Heritage Fund, the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Estonia and the Byzantine and Christian Museum.


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