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The Church of Tinos

The most famous Church of Greece, the Church that is linked to the Greek revolution of 1821, and where one of the most important icons of the Orthodox is kept, is the Church of the Graceful, the Church of the Virgin Mary of Tinos. Throughout the year, the church gathers the attention and the hopes of thousands of Christians who crowd there to request and offer, to deposit on the icon a sample of gratitude for her grace and her "blessing". 

The icon of Tinos, which according to some may be the work of Luke the Evangelist and depicts the "Annunciation of the Virgin Mary" and not the "Assumption of the Virgin Mary" as some may believe, was miraculously "revealed" in the dream of a nun named Pelagia, from the Kehrovounion Monastery. According to the tradition, on three consecutive Sundays, the nun saw the vision of the Virgin Mary who was asking her to find an icon that was buried in the earth for years. The Bishop of Tinos Gabriel, who was convinced of the truth of her words, planned excavations in the orchard of AntoniosDoxaras, at the Chora. 

In September 1822, the foundations of the Church of AgiosIoannisProdromos were uncovered and on January 30, 1823, the icon was hit by the pickax of a peasant named DimitriosVlassis, which separated it in two. The construction of the Church began where the icon was found. Today, it dominates the Chora and the hearts of hundreds of thousands of believers. The temple was the first great architectural work of the Greek state and the icon has been worshiped ever since by millions of people. First among them were the heroes of the Greek revolution: Kolokotronis, Miaoulis, MakrygiannisandNikitaras. The Virgin Mary of Tinos, which was built in white marble from Delos and the donations of Greeks, both those living in Greece and of the diaspora, was completed in 1880, and each year on July 23, on the anniversary of nun Pelagia's vision, the icon is carried in procession around the city, it is transferred to the monastery of "Our Lady of the Angels" and is returned to the Church late at night.
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