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The icon of Saints Peter and Paul

Son of Jonah and brother of Apostle Andrew, Peter, a fisherman and disciple of Jesus, was distinguished for his impulsive nature, his spontaneity, his strong character and his apostolic action. When Jesus entered the Kingdom of Heaven, Peter preached the Gospel in Judea and Antioch up to Asia and Bithynia. Christian tradition mentions that he suffered a martyr's death on the cross in A.D. 64. 

Paul was a fierce persecutor of Christianity. In A.D. 36 Jesus appeared to him and then Ananias catechized and baptized him. Ever since he began his great march to all the nations, through four major apostolic tours, where he spread the Christian religion, founded 14 churches, including the Greek, and finally was martyred by decapitation around A.D. 64 to A.D. 67. 

The icon of Saints Peter and Paul can be purchased atChristianity Art and is available in different designs and dimensions.
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