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The icon of the birth of Jesus

Icons illustrate faith, talk about the faces and the scenes they depict and conceal dozens of symbolisms through the work of art of the icon painter. The icon of the birth of Jesus depicts the most important moment of Christendom.

 The moment that God sends to the people His son, the one who has shouldered the enormous burden of developing a new conception, a new world, a world of love and offering towards everyone.

 The icon with the black triangular cave symbolizes the darkness of the world before the coming of Christ, the child that is wrapped in the manger, having next to it two animals to keep it warm, an ox and a donkey, which symbolize the people who came near him without knowing his divine nature. In the center of the icon is placed the Virgin Mary.

 She is bigger than all the other persons depicted thus commemorating her tremendous contribution to the coming of Jesus. The angels are the necessary companions who praise and make the announcement of the birth.

 At the bottom of the icon, one can see Joseph, remote from Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

 He is pensive, calm and stoic, aware of its role as protector and not as a natural father. Next to him is Satan, who wants to inoculate Joseph’s soul with doubt and hatred. Opposite Joseph are the three wise men, bringing gifts to the "newborn King" with the star that guides them to their Lord and Savior.

 Note: The icon of the nativity that can be found at the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem is created by Iconotechniki. Copies are sold at the online eshop Christianity Art with a shape that can be used as a manger.

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