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The Orthodoxy church calendar in a complete composition


“Iconotechniki” wanted to paint all the icons of the hagiology of Orthodoxy with absolute accuracy, according to the requirements of byzantine hagiography, and to place them in a composition which could be aesthetically perfect and fully functional in its use. The result of this effort was the creation, for the first time, of a unique icon stand with 393 icons - one for each Saint of the Orthodox Faith - kept in chronological order, one iconostasis, one case for the icon of the day and all the other icons of the month and 13 folders –one for each month of the year and one for the movable feasts - where all the icons are kept.

One Church Calendar - two options
The Orthodoxy Church Calendar is available in two different versions in order to offer the choice according to the space availability, the requirements and the needs of each church. The 1st option, the icon stand, is an integrated piece of furniture with a base, available in four different motifs, a storage case for all the icons, 13 folders which are kept at the base in a special position, the iconostasis with three different frames to choose from, where the day’s celebrated icon is placed, while at the back side, in chronological order, are all the other icons of the month.

The 2nd option, the iconostasis available in three different frames to choose from, consists of the day’s icon and stores the rest of the icons of the month, while the 13 folders with all the icons of the Orthodox Church Calendar are kept in a separate wooden case.

Hagiographic, religious accuracy and high quality
The depicted Saint, Saints or scenes from the Orthodox Faith are designed and implemented with a unique style, accurate to the orthodox tradition and byzantine technique. This is why all the icons succeed into having a particularly accurate and lively result, an aesthetically perfect piece of art, which justifies all the efforts of the “Iconotechniki” team members. The Hagiology of Orthodoxy - icon stand or just the iconostasis and the storage case - are the result of the creative operation of the company, with consistency and continuity for four decades.

With the purchase of the Church Calendar, “Iconotechniki” provides you with a certificate of authenticity and undertakes the secure shipment of the Church Calendar throughout the world.

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