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The review of "Apostoli" NGO for people with Alzheimer's

The nationwide campaign to raise awareness for Alzheimer's which was carried out for the third consecutive year, completed in 2018 a cycle of providing accurate information about the disease and was addressed to more than a thousand elderly people.

 The scientific staff of NGO "Apostoli" and "Karelleio" in cooperation with company "MEGA" traveled throughout Greece, in secluded regions, islands and cities of the mainland, talked about the disease in a simple and understandable way, performed free memory tests and disease checks and examined approximately 900 people. The scientific team that provided information about the disease, explained the differences between Dementia and Alzheimer's, the symptoms of the two diseases, how to deal with them and the onus of caregivers who also need special care.

 The chief director of the organizational structure Mrs. Efthimiopoulou stressed out the necessity of an early diagnosis of the disease and the support for patients and mentioned the program's objectives which are the healthy aging and way of living of the elderly, with dignity and good quality of life. Mr. Konstantinos Dimtsas, General Director of Apostoli referred to the continuation of their activities and to the confirmation of the excellent work done by the scientific team by winning the Gold Award at the Health Care Business Awards and the Silver award at the Self Service Excellence Awards.

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