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The School of Icon Painting in the United Kingdom, under royal protection

With postgraduate studies lasting 3 years, the Prince’s Foundation, School of Traditional Arts in the United Kingdom, under the protection of Prince Charles, offers to those who are interested the possibility to be trained essentially and in depth to the art of icon painting, while frequent introductory seminars give the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional icon painting, its historic journey and its significance in the religious faith. 

In the introductory memorandum of the postgraduate studies in the art of icon painting, those responsible of the program mention the importance of icons in the Orthodox faith, which act as "intermediaries" between the Divine and the human. Traditional Orthodox icons reflect love and light, seen not only with our bodily eyes but with the eyes of the soul. 

The school of icon painting operates since 2009 and offers a three-year part-time course, only for twelve students each academic year, while further work is given for students to execute at home. The tutor of the course, iconographer Aidan Hart, a professional iconographer for thirty years and author of the book "Techniques of icon and wall painting", trains apprentice iconographers in techniques using egg tempera, while he introduces them to the theology of icons as well as to specific skills concerning icon painting. With the completion of the three-year studies, students receive a certificate of completion, underlining their achievements.
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