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The Social Mission Clinic offers for seven consecutive years to our fellow men

“Apostoli”, the charitable organization of the Church of Greece, in cooperation with the Athens Medical Association offers clinical examinations to vulnerable groups, thus solving the problem of accessibility to health institutions of the elderly, children and in general those who are unable to move or are uninsured and financially weak. To this day, during the seven years of the program’s operation, have been carried out about 70 000 clinical examinations, from physicians belonging to 23 different medical specialties.

 The physicians, 69 volunteers, 200 laboratory and clinician doctors, in collaboration with private laboratories, offer on a daily basis diagnosis, prevention, treatment to approximately 100 patients (adults and children), administer 300-400 medicines, thus supporting primary health care.

 In addition, the program supports accommodation facilities for refugees, social clinics and pharmacies in 22 municipalities throughout Greece, 33 parishes of the Archdiocese of Athens and 26 Metropolises. A program of essential offering to the highest value in life which is human health, by joining forces with people and organizations.

 Photo by Yannis Kontos

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