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Christianity Art was established over forty years ago in Greece as a traditional workshop for Orthodox Christian icons of the highest artistic,  religious, spiritual value. Our vision has always been  to create icons that are veritable works of religious art, perfect spiritual instruments for prayer and devotion and make them available to people around the world.

The workshop is devoted to faithful recreation and religious accuracy, upholding the artistic tradition of byzantine iconography, therefore creating icons not only aesthetically beautiful but also illustratively correct.

Our icons are found in over 190 countries around the world, in the homes and offices of the greatest personalities of our time, at the most important centers of Orthodoxy like the Church of the Nativity, the Church of the Resurrection, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Mount Athos, the Vatican, the Patriarchate in Russia, the Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Patriarchate of Antioch, the Sinai, even in space in orbit aboard the International Space Station.

We actively support the Church, the Holy Monasteries and Ascetic life. Christianity Art icons have the blessing and certification of some of the most important Orthodox Monasteries which have entrusted us with the reproductions of their miraculous holy icons.

As one of the few remaining traditional icon-making workshops in the world working to preserve Orthodox Christian Iconography, we greatly appreciate your patronage. Purchasing your icons directly from our workshop, allows us to continue practicing our craft and to offer you our gratitude, along with a lifetime guarantee for your icon’s quality and craftsmanship.

Icons painted with high-quality criteria 

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