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Infrastructure projects at Mount Athos

The Region of Central Macedonia and Thrace has ensured the necessary funds for the significant infrastructure needs of the monasteries of Mount Athos, but also for the necessary flood protection works. So far, an important part of these works has been carried out in Xenophontos, Philotheou, Karakalou monasteriesand others. However, the protection and the enhancement of Mount Athos, the monument that is part of the World Cultural Heritage, is imperative and must ensure the living conditions of the monks and the thousands of visitors who visit it all year round but also the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of the cultural, historical and religious environment of the Monument. 

The interventions that have been made to date are evident and concern 63 projects regarding the protection and maintenance of the monasteries with the restoration of their infrastructures, amounting to about 62 million euros. However, the damage caused by the time, and the climatic conditions constantly burden the buildings, most of which exists since centuries. 

For the Orthodoxy, Mount Athos is like an ark, the place which safeguards the cultural heritage, not only of one nation but of a faith and therefore its protection is the duty of every nation. Protection of the region, of the monasteries and all that they safeguard, protection of religious tourism and of course protection of the environmental wealth of the Athos Peninsula. The new 20 million euros worth projects will ensure the continuity of the Orthodox spiritual wealth through the protection of the monasteries that preserve it.
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