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The Skete of Saint Anne Posted: November 26, 2018 | Categories: News | Author: Christianity Art

The most important sketes in Greece are located at the Mt. Athos Peninsula. The monastery of the Great Lavra belongs a skete, the Skete of Saint Anne, the oldest and largest Skete on Mount Athos. The term "skete" means a small monastery, either a cenobium or of relative isolation, just like all the other Athonite monasteries, an organized community composed of many monastic huts. In the middle of each skete is a temple which is common for all the huts. The temple was built in 1666 by the Patriarch Dionysios Vardalis and was named Saint Anna just like the skete it belongs to. 

The Skete of Saint Anna was founded in the 16th century and comprises a total of 50 cells and huts, in which live 85 monks which are engaged in the art of icon painting, woodcarving and the production of incense and miniature art. It is located five hours away from the monastery of Great Lavra and one hour from the monastery of Saint Paul. The skete has very valuable historical material. Two hundred manuscripts, seven hundred prints, three codes written on parchment and many icons. Thirty minutes from the Skete of Saint Anna is the skete of the Small Saint Anna consisting of only seven huts. The monks who are here are engaged in chanting. Famous among them is the Church hymnographer Gerasimos Mikragiannanitis, who arrived at the skete on August 15, 1923, and displayed his talents and especially that of hymnography which he considered an extension of prayer and the union of the soul with God.
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