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On the Day of Human Rights, millions of people are without rights

Since December 10, 1948, we celebrate on this date the Day of Human Rights, which was officially adopted by the United Nations General Assembly two years later, on December 4, 1950, in order to remind us 365 days a year that our world should be free, fair and peaceful, without discriminations. 

However, according to data retrieved from dozens of state and non-governmental organizations that monitor and control the enforcement of human rights in practice, there is unfreedom, injustice, violence, and discrimination against the weakest, women, children, and the economically disadvantaged. A recent publication by the UN of the number of women who lose their lives worldwide due to the use of violence annually proved that the weaker social groups, in this case, women, are tormented by violence. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 137 women are murdered every day just because they are women! Most women are murdered in their home and half of them - 87.000 women in 2017 - are killed by those closest to them, their own relatives (30,000 by their partner). The greatest risk of losing their life by their partner or relative, have women and girls from Africa, while Asia holds the leading position with 20,000 women murdered each year, followed by Africa with 19,000 women. El Salvador is the country with the leading position of murdered women in just one year (2017), followed by Jamaica, the Central African Republic, and Honduras. 

In places with armed conflicts, women are the most vulnerable in the population, and their rape is considered a "weapon" to terrorize and decimate the social fabric. 

The day of human rights reminds us of the long road we have to travel in order to be to 'humanized'. Women are just a part of the weak circle which involves children, the economically weak, and people with disabilities... A circle of violence that unfortunately keeps growing.

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