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Saint Hyacinth. The Orthodox Saint who martyred for Love

Hyacinth was a native of Cappadocia and is referred to as the chamberlain of Emperor Trajan (A.D. 98-117). The wealth and the riches of the palace and the position he held did not limit his spirit nor did it lead him to idolatry.

 On the contrary, Hyacinth chose the love of Christ and although he performed his duties conscientiously, his soul served only the Lord. During the persecutions of Trajan, Hyacinth was ready to turn his back to the mundane world and prove his faith.

 He decided to confess his faith in the Christian religion and was taken to prison. There, he was deprived of food for 40 days and the only thing that he was allowed to eat was meat that had already been sacrificed to the idols.

 Hyacinth refused to eat the food and was left to die on the 41st day of his detention. It is mentioned that his body was "guarded" by angels holding candles around it.

 His relics were buried in his native town Caesarea. For the Orthodox faith, Hyacinth is considered as the Saint who martyred for the love of Jesus, the Saint that expresses the splendor of love and his dedication to it. He is the Saint in the memory of whom we glorify love, whoever its recipient may be.

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