At Moschato, there is a second home which awaits to welcome children after they get out of school. A home that provides them with balanced meals appropriate for their mental and physical development, a quiet environment and warmth where they can do their homework, as well as participate in various courses and creative activities.

 This ideal environment is created by "Apostoli", the NGO of the Church of Greece, which focuses its interest in children, as a continuation of the love that Jesus offered to them.

 The "Dimitrio" was inaugurated in October 2013, as the Center for Care and Education for Children in the Municipality of Moschato in Tavros. Its objective is the education and safety of, to-date, 60 primary school children aged 6-12 years old.

 Apart from the educational support for children, "Dimitrio" looks after to enrich their capacities and skills by offering them besides entertainment, creative activities such as rhythmic gymnastics, folk dances, music classes, gardening, icon painting, micro-weaving, and theater games.

 The manager of the center Mrs. Dora Vlachos and the educational and supportive staff do their best every day to enable all the children to feel at "Dimitrio" at home. And they succeed!

 Photograph by YANNIS KONTOS