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The contribution of Archbishop of Albania continues to bear fruits

The work of the Archbishop of Albania is huge and his personality dominant and charismatic. It is the work of a man who goes beyond the boundaries of human measure, even those of a religious leader. It is the work of a man who is inspired by his faith and by his unconditional love for people. The Archbishop of Albania Dr. Anastasios, acts modestly and humbly, quietly and effectively. One of his works that only recently saw the light of publicity is the construction of a hydroelectric plant in Rapuni, Albania. The plant which was built at the expense of the Archdiocese will help with the revenues derived from its use all the other actions of the Archdiocese, charitable, educational and social. 

Among the many positives from the creation of the plant is its environmental dimension, since it uses renewable sources of energy and strengthens the infrastructure of the neighboring country. Archbishop Anastasios defends the environmental policy with all hisforcesand tries in every work of the Archdiocese to ensure environmental protection conditions and through it the development of the region. 

The good news continue coming from the Archdiocese of Albania; the result of the work of a man who has managed for decades to inspire many more who come to help in his massive humanitarian work.
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