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Selected icons of the Virgin Mary at a discount price

The image of the Virgin Mary embraces life. The icon of the Virgin Mary protects it. 

The Mother who embraces and protects. The Mother of Christ and of all of us, Virgin Mary holds the first place in the Orthodox faith together with the triune God and The Lord: God, Son and the Holy Spirit. The icon of the Virgin Mary symbolizes motherhood, protection, care, family, kindness, magnanimity, patience, endurance, and love. Her icon accompanies joys and sorrows. Her image embraces the look of the one who looks at it and relieves the mind and soul. 

The way in which Virgin Mary is depicted, from the first icon "painted" by Luke the Evangelist until our days, indicates her spiritual and mental characteristics, which determine her timeless beauty. The adjectives assigned to her are hundreds, just like her miracles. 

Her eyes look deep in our soul, her nose, straight and thin, indicates her direct character and her small mouth with her always covered head underlines her abstinence and seriousness, while her clothing unfolds the symbolism of her divine and human attribute. 

The most beautiful way to accompany your wishes 

The icon of the Virgin Mary, in any size and style, touches the soul and symbolizes for each and every person what is most needed. The icon of the Virgin Mary is an inspiring gift that expresses respect and love. Her image, inany icon, accompanies our wishes for a long life, kindness, peacefulness, endless love and continuing care. It is a gift that expresses deep and substantial feelings for the beginning of a new life, for a wedding, for a newborn child, for a baptism. A gift that will remain unchanged in time, an integral part of the life of the person or persons it will be given to. 

At Christianity Art, numerous selected icons, in various sizes and styles, are offered at a discount price. All the Selected icons of the Virgin Mary at a discount price.
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