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The restored historic library of Limassol hosts 60,000 books

A place dedicated to books, a place filled with knowledge and education is one more hopeful message for peace which promotes culture, arts, literature, and science. The works of renovation were just completed and the historic library of Limassol was inaugurated. 

The building, a true jewel of architecture, hosts 60 thousand books, thus making it one of the largest libraries of Cyprus, with a remarkable section dedicated to children but also to pupils and students. Among the unique books are included rare Cypriot publications dating from to the last decades of the 19th century, thousands of volumes with folklore, literature and psychology subjects, while in collaboration with the Technical University of Cyprus (TPC) visitors are expected to have access to millions of scientific articles and electronic books. 

Furthermore, the public will be able to find extensive material that covers various subjects such as architecture, painting, philosophy, history of art and visual arts and the English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Greek language.
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