"What can I say? For an Orthodox priest, awards are not necessary, in the sense that I believe and feel that what we do is our duty, a duty towards our flock, the children and their injured souls. So all of these help in the certification, to make our work even more known and to receive help."These are the words coming from the heart of a man, an Orthodox priest, as he calls himself, someone who acts in the image and likeness of God, a priest who brings the Church closer to us. 

Twenty years ago, in 1998, Antonios Papanikolaou created his own ark, known as the “Ark of the world” open to all the children of the world, the unprotected children, children of refugees, children of single-parent families, orphans, abandoned and poor children. Twenty years later, together with ten of these children, he traveled to Brussels to receive the award of the "European Citizen for 2018" which was given to him unanimously by the European Parliament. For Father Antonios, the award is nothing more than a confirmation of his work and perhaps an additional aid that makes it easier to give donations which are so precious for children.