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We need bone marrow donors. Let's banish the hesitation

The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymus seized once again the opportunity to talk about the importance of bone marrow donation during the speech he gave to thank the Association “OramaElpida” for the honorable distinction he was awarded for his valuable support. 

In an event organized by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Viotia and the Medical Association of Theva in order to honor the Archbishop and Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyannis, President of the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer "Elpida" and "OramaElpida", the Archbishop talked about the supreme gift of health and the ordeal of the disease, especially when the patients are young children. He urged the attendees to learn about the simplification of the hematopoietic cells collection process declaring his optimism that very soon we will not need volunteers from abroad but we will be self-sufficient so that the hematopoietic cells transplant program will operate unhindered. 

Professor Stelios Grafakos stressed that "the Church is a valuable ally in the Association's "OramaElpida” project and talked about the patients who need hematopoietic cells transplant, explained what bone marrow is, how it is collected and how the process has been simplified. 

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